What Information Do You Need When Buying Car Parts

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Buying car parts, whether new or used can be a complicated process that can take a lot of time and effort. Purchasing just any part that looks “close enough” to the original can lead to a lot of trouble when putting the vehicle together again. While some car parts look similar to each other, there is a good chance that they are not compatible which means you just spent money on useless car parts.

Instead of rushing to purchase replacement parts, here are some necessary information that will ensure you buy the correct parts:

1 – Look For The VIN

VIN or the Vehicle Identification Number is a unique sequence of numbers that is assigned specifically to each vehicle. Think of these as the car’s ID or serial number to help manufacturers keep track of every car that they sell. Since they are one of a kind, this makes finding the corresponding replacement parts easier.

If you are lucky enough, the VIN and other important information of the vehicle can be found on the manufacturer’s data table.

2 – Check For Part Codes

Just like bar codes for groceries, some car parts are also given part codes by their manufacturers. Getting the part codes is the fastest and surest way to get the exact parts needed, but there’s a catch. These part codes are hard to find and may require a lot of digging through the car and wiping grease off the parts.

Once you get the part codes, if there is one, searching for replacement parts becomes a breeze.

3 – Part Comparison

While it seems obvious to do a part comparison when both the VIN and part codes cannot be found, many car owners forget to do so. Simply have the car part that needs replacing with you when searching the internet to do a thorough comparison. If you choose to go to the dealership, bring the car part along to ensure accuracy.

4 – Opt For OEM Parts

OEM or the Original Equipment Manufacturer indicates that the parts are made by the original manufacturers. OEM Mercedes fuel pumps, for example, are 100% identical to the original parts and are guaranteed to fit. These OEM parts are preferred by car owners as any aftermarket parts and components sold by vendors typically do not meet the same level of quality or craftsmanship.

5 – Checking Different Sources

Now that you have the necessary information needed to locate parts you will find several places that sell these parts. All of which are worth checking out to compare the price and quality of the OEM Mercedes fuel pumps available.

Options such as scrap yards and swap meets are usually cheaper, but it can be hard to guarantee if they are OEM parts or not. Forums and online vendors provide a lot of information that can help car owners find what they are looking for at the right and fair parts. Lastly, if there is no other option available, the local dealership might be able to help you locate the parts you need.

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