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A large number of hairstyle design options makes it preferable among other men’s haircuts. The butch cut has earned its popularity in the 90s. Today, this haircut in Manhattan becomes the choice of confident men who value comfort and excellent appearance, as well as possessing the qualities of a leader.

It is also worth noting that the male butch cut belongs to the category of short haircuts. The hair length is short, with an average of 5-8 cm in the main area and less than 5 cm in other parts of the head where the hair is shaved shorter. Also often there are bangs.

The male butch cut is interesting in that it is universal one. It is good for men who prefer a business style in outfit, and for those who usually wear jeans and T-shirts. The type of hair also does not play a special role. Plus, a butch cut is quite youthful, but it is not so extravagant that a solid man of age could not wear it. And the haircut doesn’t require much care.

Who needs a butch cut?The butch cut belongs to the classic version of the haircut and is quite multifaceted, which allows it to fit perfectly into any image. Despite this, it will look different on each man, depending on the color and type of his hair, as well as the shape of his face. This allows the hairstyle to be suitable succinctly to any man who prefers a business or sports style in clothing, as well as to young people or representatives of the older generation.

Who does not need a butch cut? This haircut will not be suitable to young people with thin faces.

Since the last century, the haircut has undergone some changes in styling methods. For young people, prone to various kinds of experiments, a frequent choice is the option with different hair designs on the temples and the back of the head.

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