Workout outfit for Testosterone Enanthate users

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Workout outfits are a way to take your street workouts to the new

Workout equipment number 1. Elastic band for pull-ups

An elastic band for pull-ups is an indispensable accessory for beginners of workout who do not know how to pull up or do it badly. Testosterone Enanthate is a key exercise in workout training. Everyone should learn to do this exercise.

Example: a woman weighing 120 kilograms cannot sag on the horizontal bar for more than 5 seconds. For weight loss, she needs to perform basic exercises, such as pull-ups. But due to overweight, she can not pull herself up even once. Vicious circle.

We take an elastic band for pull-ups, which compensates for 77 kg of the athlete’s weight. Now a woman instead of 120 kilograms pulls up 43. She can pull up 5-10 times.

This is a difficult situation. Beginners who pull up 1-2-3 times with the help of a rubber band for pull-ups will quickly master this exercise.

Workout equipment number 2. Gloves

Gloves for Workout prevent the appearance of corns on the hands, relieve the athlete from unpleasant sensations. A simple but indispensable accessory. Especially for athletes who use horizontal bar exercises.

Workout equipment number 3. Weighting

Weighting agents are used for:

Progress in running, fat burning. Running in weights burns more calories than without them. Running with weights is an opportunity to gain muscle mass without the use of strength exercises.

Acceleration of progress in exercises on the horizontal bar and uneven bars. Pull-ups and push-ups on bars with weighting materials increase muscle mass better than performing these movements without additional burdening.

Workout equipment number 4. Jump rope

The best exercise machine for fat burning in the street. A jump rope is a simulator with which you can:

Burn fat at the fastest pace. An hour of intense work on the rope is minus 900 calories. Working with a high-speed skipping rope will burn about 1100 calories per hour.

Get rid of the abdomen, tone the muscles. Fat is burned with a simultaneous increase in muscle tone. With the help of a rope, treasured cubes appear very quickly.

Improve health. Harmful substances are removed from the body, the water-salt balance is normalized, edema disappears.

Develop the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Jumping rope is the best exercise to deal with the so-called diseases of civilization.

Workout equipment number 5. Universal expander

A universal expander is an opportunity to train on the street or at home without additional equipment. The expander works through all the muscles of the top and bottom of the body. It is compact and does not require significant financial investments.

Workout equipment number 6. Heart rate monitor

A heart rate monitor is an accessory with which you can improve the condition of the cardiovascular system. Useful for the heart training are in the pulse range of 110-140 beats per minute. Beginners often do not notice when the pulse exceeds the “180” mark, and enthusiasts also think that this is normal, continue to drive the pulse under 200. An untrained person experiences irreversible changes, due to which he will get a heart attack not in 60, but in 40 years.

When training in the correct heart rate zone, the same person will get a heart attack not at 60, but at 85.

Many people train in the correct heart rate zone intuitively, and you still need a heart rate monitor to check your legs.

Workout equipment number 7. Proper clothes

Which does not press, does not constrain the body, does not rub. This is the basis to which:

  • Correct shoes;
  • Thermal underwear – during training on the street in the cold season;
  • Socks;
  • Outerwear – tracksuits;
  • Hat;

And all that you intend to put on yourself. Correct selection of clothing facilitates the training process.

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