Types of reality shows and story behind it

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Reality shows are a part of TV show or programs which feature celebrities, common people, or both. They show the real, scripted or mix life of the people according to the situation and incidents in their life. Nowadays, reality shows have become the rage of late and getting more popular among the generation. People involved in reality shows are placed in certain and their behavior as well as actions are noticed accordingly. Popularity of such reality shows can be guessed by looking to the ratings and TRP. The popular one is said to have higher ratings and TRP.  Recently, the American reality show, Judge Judy ratings have taken the hype of 13%. 

Types of reality shows 

Talent reality show 

Talent based reality shows or programs are streamed live or have some time difference. In this a number of participants present their talent in front of judges. Talent can be in any form like conventional that includes dancing, singing or have some other unique form of talent. Most of these shows are made on the format where participants are selected and judged on the quality of their performance. Later they get eliminated either by judges or through public voting every week or in every episode until the winner is decided. 

Another kind is a court room on TV ad such shows are widely popular in different countries.

Fly on the wall 

These types of reality shows are created on the documentary format and may be partially or wholly scripted to make sensation. Camera shooting and footage edition plays an important role in giving the impression for the viewers because they are passive observers following them going their professional and personal activities daily.  Every episode of the show has new things to tell about new person, helps in highlighting their struggles in life and achievements. These types of shows don’t require any judge or voting process. They are also known as factual TV shows because they show several actual happenings.     

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