Moving Your Office? Use This Unique Opportunity to Refresh Your Telecommunications Technology

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In moving to a new location, you are disrupting all your current processes anyway. Why not take advantage of this unique opportunity to obtain new benefits from the latest technologies?

Today your “Communications System” — for Voice, Data, and Video Communications — should perform all the following functions for your organization:

Telephone Calls
Voice Mail
Fax Server for Inbound, Outbound, and Broadcast
Unified Messaging for Integrating E-Mail, Voice Mail, and Fax Mail in One Mailbox
Automated Attendant
Automatic Call Distributor (Queue calls and evenly distribute them to a group.)
Interactive Voice Response (Link your computer databases to your voice systems for delivering automated customer specific information.)
Web Calls, Web Chat, and Related Internet and Intranet Communications
Contact Centers Integrating the Handling of Voice Calls, E-Mails, Faxes, Web Chat, and Web Calls
Real Time Contact Center Reporting and Monitoring with GUI Interfaces
Video Conferencing
Integrating Mobile Communications into Your Corporate Communications System
System Administration with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for Doing More System Programming Changes Yourself Without Calling Your Equipment Vendor
System Administration and Programming over an Internet Connection from Any of Your Offices (Actually from Anywhere in the World)
Trunk Traffic and Call Reporting to Optimize System Performance
WAN Linkages to Operate as One Unified System Across Multiple Locations
Remote Workers Can Have a Phone Wherever They Are and Operate As If They Are In The Office
A Single Cabling Infrastructure (Just the Data Cabling) Instead of Installing and Maintaining Separate Ones for Data and Voice — To Lower Your Operational Expenses
Total Customization of Your Communications Systems by Actually Creating New Features for Your Unique Needs (Previously individual customization, if possible, was expensive and time consuming.)
Ed Mass is President of Mass Strategic Communications, Inc., a telecommunications consulting firm since 1993. Visit [] and [] for more information. We specialize in Transforming Telecommunications from a Tactical Tool To a Strategic Business Resource. We Integrate Business Strategies with Technology Opportunities.

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