How to get Indian Visa: tips for Finnish residents

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India is known for its diverse culture and authentic food. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, The Taj Mahal is located here. Many beautiful landscapes and adventurous sports are also very famous. It was quite difficult for the citizens of Finland to get a tourist visa for India in past times. But now it has become much easier for them due to the lenient policies governed by the Indian Government. The government has thought about making the rules and regulations less stressful for Finnish residents.

Tips to remember before applying for the Indian visa by a Finnish resident:

  1. Passport: the Finnish resident who is going to apply for Indian Visa is required to have a valid passport which has already been renewed, so that not any trouble will occur during his travelling duration to India.
  2. Passport sized photographs: he must have a packet full of his passport sized photographs which should be clicked before a white or any daylight backdrop to consider the clear visibility of the face for getting India Visa for Finnish Citizens.
  3. Necessary documents: the candidate is required to have with him sufficient demanded papers, which should apparently show his real identity and permanent address with many more essential details.
  4. Accommodation proof: the Finnish citizen should tell the Indian government that where is he going to stay for the decided duration. He can opt for a hostel, hotel or any relative’s house. But he is obligatory to mention every single detail to the Indian embassy for his future safety.
  5. E-mail id: the resident should regularly check his permanent e-mail id because the Indian embassy will inform the candidate through that source, and he should also give his mobile number and permanent residential address for any inquiries.

The task of Indian embassy while filling the documents of Finnish candidates:

Document verification: the Indian embassy is responsible for the confirmation of all the documents submitted by the Finnish applicants. They will be held liable if any error occurs in the documents later on.

Allotting reference number: each candidate is fixed with a reference number which shows all the details of each particular applicant. He is known by his reference number till the date it is allotted to him.

Sending mails: when the visa is to be finally granted to the Finnish citizen, then it is the responsibility of the Indian embassy, to send the final status of the visa before the due date.

Personality interview: it is the sole responsibility of the Indian delegation to conduct a fair personal face to face interview of the Finnish applicant before granting him the permission of coming in India.

Biometric test: the embassy might also conduct a fingerprint test and an eye scan for the confirmation and legality of the respected Finnish candidate. The verification procedure is entirely dependent on their working criteria.

Checking passport validity period: the Indian government or embassy will deeply check the validity and renewal period of the passport of the Finnish candidate. They must inform the applicant if anything is left unfilled.

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