3 Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating Your Old Kitchen

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Before you zero in on renovating your kitchen, there are a few things you will need to avoid if you want a splendid layout. The kitchen is the heart of your home.
It’s where you cook, socialize and share meals with your family. It’s essential that you get the right design and save yourself stress, money and time.

Here are three pitfalls that you have to avoid when remodelling your kitchen.

Not seeking professional advice

The kitchen is a complicated room to renovate. It needs a well-planned and executed design. You may have a brilliant idea of what you want, but a professional can help you polish your scheme.
Talk to a professional kitchen or interior designer and hire a qualified contractor. The designer will walk you through the different variety of kitchen doors, counter tops or cabinets.
There may be some few DIY (Do It Yourself) tasks available. Still, do not try fixing anything beyond your capabilities. Be sure to contact plumbers and electricians if there are any plumbing or electrical issues.


Making a realistic budget is one of the most essential parts of a successful kitchen renovation. The budget will guide you while choosing new hardware for your kitchen.
You shouldn’t spend 20% or more of your home’s value on a kitchen renovation.
Set apart a small contingency fund for any arising expenses. Kitchens are expensive to renovate.
You need to ask yourself whether it’s completely necessary to demolish everything. The kitchen doors may or may not need renovation. Some appliances may also be in good shape too.
There may be some few items you can salvage and re-use. You can also get second-hand items which may further reduce the costs. Read more about a successful kitchen renovation at https://www.loveproperty.com/…/30-mistakes-people-make-when-designing-a-kitchen

Poor workflow design

There are some important things you need to consider while designing your new kitchen. From storage to lighting fixtures, make a plan of every change that is required.
You will need to examine your current kitchen layout for guidance. A kitchen should be functional and easy to work in. The sink, fridge and cooker should be arranged in a triangle system.
These principal items work best in a triangle arrangement. Make use of space but still avoid squeezing in too much. Do not overlook the importance of ventilation.
You should also choose the appropriate furniture. People should be able to walk comfortably around the room, so make sure the furniture fits properly.
Learn more about kitchen planning at https://www.bhg.com/kitchen/remodeling/planning/kitchen-remodelling-mistakes-you-dont-want-to-make-281474979636358

Some other few things to avoid

Incorporate a design that will be long-lasting. Your new kitchen design should also be compatible with your lifestyle.
Open shelves are great but don’t overdo it. Too much open shelving can make your kitchen feel squeezed and disarrayed.
Once everything gets settled, give your contractor a call and begin renovating your kitchen. Visit https://www.kitchenrestoration.co.uk/kitchen-door-ranges/ for more information.

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