10 Ways You Can Overcome Procrastination When Building Your IOVC Strategy and Technology Business

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An internet based business can be a very lucrative and rewarding career. Building this career requires that you work in a mode that is different then the go to work in the standard Monday through Friday in a nine-to-five mode everyday. With an internet business model working a nine-to-five mode gets shattered and you work when needed or when you want to become the norm.

The reason this IOVC Strategy and Technology recommendation applies is that for some of you, an internet business model signifies that you may need extra incentive because you work from home and you feel the loneliness on some days more then other days. We understand that you lose your energy rather easily so the following steps are suggested as ways to help you stay motivated when working your new business model.

1. Not everything has to be perfect. Avoid the perfectionist mode. Have faith in yourself and stay motivated.

2. Eat healthy; get plenty of sleep and keep a keen memory

3. A terrific way to jog your memory is by using internet technology is to build email reminders

4. Keep your writing/recordings/ideas all in one place, otherwise, you are going to spend valuable time procrastinating.

5. Develop your business so nothing gets lost by writing it down.

6. Do not try and keep it all in your memory, instead write it down and don’t lose a great idea.

7. Look at your to do list and combine activities. The key to successful multitasking is to plan two activities in advance and avoid giving precedence to more interesting, easier, and less urgent tasks.

8. Create visual memory joggers to help you remember and stay focused.

9. Set your cell phone to beep a few minutes before it is time to go and jog your new ‘no procrastination mindset’.

10. Time is a precious remember so use time to feel a sense of accomplishment and continue to build success through the use time and money will follow. Why not make the most efficient use of time and improve your chances of making more money in less time.

On the web there are a million offers and websites to keep you engaged, if you start spending time on those, no matter how much you learn all along the way, all you are doing is avoiding success and not making money.

Procrastination is lethal to keeping your business the on the rise so we advocate that you bring into play the above guidelines to triumph over procrastination and grow a successful business. There are many more strategies and you should use all of them as you become adept at defeating procrastination.

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