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Most of the audience in this generation is searching for Telugu movies to watch online. OTT platforms allow viewers to watch the highest quality clear videos to watch any movie, web series, and special programs continuously without any advertisements. That’s why audiences are choosing OTT platforms to get uninterrupted entertainment. It facilitates watching movies anywhere, anytime. Aha videos, an OTT established for streaming exclusive Telugu content. Let’s see the favorite movies on aha.

Among the huge collection of the movies on Aha, here we see the details about few most popular movies now.


KanuluKanulanuDochayante became one of the popular one among Telugu movies watch online. It is the most recent super hit from Dulquer Salman. It’s trending high on Aha videos.

The story revolved around two friends, who aimed to earn huge money with online scams and settle in Goa with their lovers. How they faced situations while attacked by police officers and how their love succeeded. Are the key points in the movie.

The movie is filled with love and online crime thrilling episodes. The director filmed it very interestingly with a gripping screenplay. Another best reason to watch the film is that director Gowtam Menon played the role of Police Commissioner Pratap Sinha, which is vital in the film. The movie turned very popular on Aha videos and trending high in new Telugu movies.

Karthi’s biggest blockbuster Khaidi

The most recent powerful hit of Karthi is Khaidi. The director is mainly designed to project the life of a prisoner, who has heartbroken love on his daughter one side and feels responsibility to help in police operation on the other side. The director portrayed the characterization of Karthi in the movie fantastic. He melts stunning action sequences in the movie with wonderful love and emotions between father and daughter. It is a very good choice for the audience to have tremendous experience from it.

Johar, a Political thoughtful

The storyline of the movie Johar is most different from routine Telugu movies. Movies like this rarely come out. It is a socially responsible political drama, which has not come in recent times. The film mirrors some of the real events taking place in the current politics and raises questions for politicians to rethink their rule. The director filmed it perfectly in every frame. Also actors performed wonderfully up to the scope of their respective roles.

A film about how forensic labs work in criminal investigation.

How do police, CBI and CID officials rely on forensic labs in criminal investigations? How do forensic labs work? Akhil Paul Anas Khan, two directors, said the forensic labs are realistic about what they do to catch the culprit. All the actors performed in their respective roles. Mamata Mohandas appeared in a good role several days later and impressed. Forensic is a movie that everyone should watch regardless of the genres.

Apart from these, many action based movies like Arjun Suravaram, Shakti and inspirable movies like 36 Vayasulo, ‘And The Oscar Goes To’ are placed at movies on Aha. The lovers of Telugu movies watch online will definitely love movies on Aha. So, visit Aha videos and get full of entertainment.

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