Three Main Reasons Why Men Prefer to Choose Transgender as Side Chick

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In certain countries like Brazil, men going to a transgender escort are very common and it is not a new thing at all. However, the recent scandal where R&B singer Bobby V was involved has drawn quite a bit of attention among those who prefer to choose sex with transgenders. 

As per Bobby V, he really did not know that the escort called Reima Houston was really a man and he virtually ran out from the apartment, as soon as he realized that it was the case. 

Few people are though disputing the claim of Bobby V that he really did not know that the person with whom he wanted to have sex was trans and not a woman. However, debate still continues about what actually had happened. 

Still many people avoid the discussion about this incident as it appears that many men are now opting for transgender as a side chick. Some people go for new exploration or some prefer living taboo alternative lifestyle. Following are 3 reasons why men choose this option.

  1. Looks

As per porn-star called TS Madison, who expressed in a certain interview that looks certainly play a major part. She does not consider that any heterosexual man who has an attraction for transgender woman is a homosexual. 

Transgender will personify genetic woman, few may over-exaggerate as woman because they go to the extreme of having larger hips, breasts, and buttocks while a real woman still may look like woman. 

Transgender will put in extra time to appear like a woman. Hence, when a man gets attracted to a transgender woman, he never will say, ‘Oh! Look at that good-looking guy.’ 

In fact, he is looking at him as a beautiful woman. When you reveal that the escort has male genitalia, then people label him as gay. 

Few men who will continue with their relationship with any transgender women will have nothing concerning the penis.

  1. Taboo sex

Few male customers enjoy certain power and also sexual domination which they may not get from a female lover. 

During 2015, a pro boxer called Yusaf Mack appeared as a gay and declared that he prefers to have a transgender relationship and also explore his own sexual identity.

  1. Pleasure 

Anal penetration can be pleasurable for few men and it stimulates their prostate, called the male G-spot. 

Also, among many of heterosexual partners, few couples engage in “Pegging” where a man gets anally penetrated by a female partner by using a strap-on toy or dildo. 

The basic purpose of all these tricks is to experience pleasure of stimulating male equivalent of “G-spot” and has nothing to do with being homosexual.

Few men who may be frustrated that they might not engage in this practice with their partner who is female go to an escort. If you are now in a position to engage yourself without any emotional attachment via prostitution then it is really an outlet for few men.

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