Picking Out The Right Newspaper Baler

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We use paper nearly every day in our society. Paper is everywhere from cps and plates to bills, junk mail, coupons, and newspapers. It is also one of the most recovered materials as there are more and more recycling options for paper coming about every day. Since paper is made up of small but long fibers, it can be recycled over and over again as the fibers get shorter and shorter until they disappear. 

As the fibers in the paper get shorter, the paper gets made into new paper products like toilet paper or paper towels. It takes about seven times for paper to be recycled before the fibers are too short to be recycled any longer and they must be mixed in with fibers in brand new paper.

After paper gets used and recycled, it is then sorted and put into different bales. The bales are then transported to the appropriate paper mills where they are then broken down and shredded and made into something else later on.

Vertical Balers are the ideal kind of baler for recycling paper. Below is a guide on how to choose the best baler for when you are doing newspaper recycling.

M30STD: This is a great baler for all paper types in general. It works for newspapers and office paper alike as it can cut down fibers of any size. The M30STD is a small downstroke baler and can be used for both papers, newspapers, and other recyclables.

M30HD: This downstroke baler is extremely heavy duty baler and can take on any recyclable you put on it. It works best for places that have small spaces as it is very compact, though its small size does not keep it from being able to grind down any type of paper you put in it.

M42BC: Controlled by a button this baler is great for stock rooms that can grind down both office papers and newspapers.

M72HD: This model baler is considered to be the most productive baler on the market today. It is a great paper baler and great as a newspaper baler alone. It is becoming one of the most widely used balers as it takes less time to bale your recyclables with it, and its compact model keeps it from taking up too much space in your area. If you are looking for a baler that is efficient, fast, and can handle newspapers as easily as office papers, the M72HD is the baler to go with.

M60MD: A downstroke baler that can only be used with someone standing there and manually operating it. It is a monster of a baler as it is of large size, and is meant to take on the most heavy duty of recyclables. Even with its large size, it is still able to fit under a regular sized ceiling. If you have an exorbitant amount of newspapers that you are baling, this is the one that will get the job done best.

S60XD: This baler is an extra density baler which means it can grind up long to small fibers. It can bale office paper and has the power and flexibility to grind up smaller recyclables like newspapers and toilet paper.

Vertical balers are ideal for smaller spaces and grind all types of recyclables including newspapers. It allows for less waste to happen and can be perfect in most situations with easy bake ejection systems.

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