Decluttering For Teens

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Teenagers often end with a lot of stuff. They might have a lot of things like toys left lying around from when they were younger, and they always seem to end up with a lot of clothes, clutter and bits from hobbies they have since abandoned. If you need them to declutter their things, try some of these tips to help them. 

Store Things For Later

If your teenager is considering University or is just reaching the age where they’re starting to think about moving out, you might be starting to save things for them, like spare dishware or an old TV you’ve replaced. Instead of cluttering up their rooms with these things, search for storage near me on Google to find a storage unit where these items can be stashed until you need them. 

What Do They Need?

Encourage your teens to have a ruthless sort through their things. Do they have lots of old toys still taking up space? Do they own a skateboard they haven’t touched in months? Do they still have a guitar gathering dust after the three lessons they took a year ago before deciding they didn’t like it? These kind of things can be sold on eBay for a bit of spending money or donated to a charity shop to get them out of their bedroom where they’re only taking up space. 

If they have a lot of clothes or shoes, suggest a regular clear out to get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, is looking worn or that isn’t their taste anymore. Clothes can also be sold or donated really easily. 

Suggest A Swap

If their friends are in the same boat of needing a declutter, then suggest they host a swap party. Everyone brings things that they no longer want, whether its clothes or hobby equipment, and can take anything they like better from someone else. They can clear out the things they don’t want and replace it with something they will actually wear or use. Anything that isn’t claimed can just be donated to get it out of the house. 

Offer Storage

It’s much easier to keep a bedroom tidy if you have proper storage. Make sure they have plenty of options to put things away properly. Add some hooks or over the door hangers to the back of their door for things like hats, scarves and shoes. Plastic boxes on wheels can be slid under the bed for easy storage for shoes, games and DVDs. Shelving is also ideal for CDs, DVDs and games, or for displaying things like bags, collectable figures or anything else they want to showcase in their room. 

Teaching your teenagers good decluttering and organisation skills will be very useful life skills. When they move out, they’ll have the tools and the knowledge to keep their own homes clutter free. 

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