Choosing a Front Door for your Home

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When you think about the focal point of your home, then probably the front door comes in your mind which is right actually. It helps to maintain security and safety of the space with high energy efficiency. Choosing the front door while renovation, is the total makeover of the appearance of the space. It adds value and stylish touch to your space. While you remodel your home, consider these factors when choosing front doors. The perfect front door will give a stunning entrance to your space. Some techniques are given below to select the perfect. 

  • UPVC Front Doors

These doors were the first introduced as an alternative to the traditional timber front door. These doors are lower in cost with better performance. Their variety of styles and colors can be limited but their styles are admirable. They are easily maintainable and can be cleaned easily with minimal damages. This is the only type which does not damage and can last for a long time with heavy wear and tear of the environmental conditions. Its popularity may be diminishing with new innovations. 

  • Glass Reinforced Plastic Front Doors

These composite doors were introduced about 10 years ago. If you want to retain the appearance of timber wood doors then choose the composite material front door, which is more beneficial than timber wood doors. It requires less maintenance but it is prone to scratches. This problem can be solved by choosing a suitable color otherwise it will be at risk of scratching. Their look is always pleasing and inviting. 

  • Veneered Timber Front Doors

You can choose a veneered timber door, if you want bright colors to match the background decorations. Before you get started you’d have to paint it. You can install it by yourself or can be installed by a local builder. It is a popular option among people which love different colors for home decor. You’ll need to refinish them or repaint them annually. You’ll need high quality locks for these doors to secure your home. They are not good at insulation performance as well as susceptible to environmental conditions. They are mostly admired due to their Varnishing or re-painting option. You can easily change the colors of your doors whenever you want.

  • Solid Hardwood Front Doors

These doors help in adding high thermal insulation in your home so that you can enjoy warmth inside your home while winters and cooling in hot summers. These doors add luxury to your home. They can be designed in any of the designs; there is a high flexibility in styling it. It can easily be carved by the patterns of your choice, which make them more attractive and luxurious. This is the only material, which can last for decades if properly maintained. They can be expensive but it is not a big deal to making a long term investment or to protect your investment. It can be varnished or painted in any color of your choice. Without care and attention you may crack or deform, absorb moisture and get swollen and eventually rot.

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