Bad Beat Jackpots In Poker

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Strong Hand Losing to a Weak Hand

Bad beat is a term used for a strong hand losing to an even better, though statistically improbable one. The player with the strong hand bets yet the opponent wins anyway. However, poker players are not sure as to which hand is a bad luck because it could also involve the weaker hand catching running cards that are required to win the pot.

Even Professional Players Cannot Escape This Phenomenon

Whatever be the case, bad beats are something that everybody who plays poker encounters. Even the most professional player cannot escape this phenomenon. When the players encounter such phenomena, they sometimes get very angry and are known to pick up a fight. Even professionals are known to go on a tilt if they encounter a such beats. Big brawls have broken out in casinos because of a them.

Bad Tables

Casinos have always had to face the problem. The players themselves were often psychologically affected, and some casinos have come up with an idea of having a bad beat table where you have an elusive jackpot. Some online poker site players have the chance to play in bad beat tables. Here the best losing hand gets an accumulated prize pool. This prize is made by collecting an extra amount of rake from each hand. This is known as a elusive Jackpot.

Bad Beat Jackpot

In some other houses, you will find a wrong jackpot. This is paid to the player who has a strong hand but who loses to a player who has a stronger hand. The strong hand must qualify for the jackpot, for instance, the losing hand is four of a kind, or better. In the variant Texas Hold’em, then both hole cards play in both the losing and winning hands, or the where the full house is the minimum like aces, full of jacks or higher. In a full house, both hole cards must be used to make three of a kind. Sometimes, the elusive jackpot is split among all the players sitting at the table with a bad beat. The losing hand takes the largest share. The winning hand gets a little less, and the remainder is shared equally among the rest of the players.

The Casinos’ Response

Bad beats are a much a subject discussed several times in the poker rooms. Even the hand some say is bad beats are disputed by the other players. In fact, bad beat is an issue that makes poker very interesting for the players. You want to keep on playing poker just to prove that it was not your strategy that made you lose the game but just bad luck. The issue of a bad beat has, in fact, become so critical that some of the casinos have tried to solve the problem by setting up bad beat jackpots.

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