7 Key Concepts Used in Online Marketing That You Should Know

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When working with digital marketing like Pinterest scheduling, you will undoubtedly hear or deal with many technical terms, which can confuse your mind. However, don’t worry because we’ve already done the hard work for you; check out the main concepts used in digital marketing and the meaning of each one of them:


They are fictitious profiles based on real consumers and represent your potential customer. In addition, with your business persona, you will be able to create more targeted and targeted actions for the right people, saving you time and money.

Consumer Journey

These are the steps a person goes through during the buying process. Therefore, these steps range from understanding a problem, going through the purchase consideration, to the decision, and finally to the shared experience, the stage in which the customer becomes loyal to your brand.

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Person who has shown interest in your company, products, or service and has left their details in a conversion form. Through a nutrition strategy, this person can become a customer.


These are customer relationship management software. Through a CRM platform, you can organize, store and control your contact information, such as: (conversations, meetings held, appointments, emails, etc.).


From the English “Search Engine Optimization.” It is a set of techniques and methods that aim to improve the organic positioning of a website’s pages in search engines such as Google.

Every SEO process involves 3 necessary agents:

  • The person who optimizes the site (in this case, you)
  • Search engines, Google being the biggest
  • The user, that is, the person doing the research

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It is the access flow of users who visit your online communication channels.

Landing Page

These are pages created with the specific purpose of converting visitors into leads. On a landing page, you can offer content and valuable materials in exchange for more interested visitors, thus allowing them to leave their information in the contact form and, with that, become leads for your business.

Call-To-Action CTA

The literal translation would be “call to action.” They are buttons or even texts with links that lead the user to perform an action your company expects.

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