The Best Grinder Ever Made: The Mamba electric grinder

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I’m excited I got onto the Mamba electric grinder!  This innovative product turns grinding into a fast, simple and enjoyable part of enjoying your herbs.

So let me review the Mamba electric grinder by answering two big questions: is it any good, and where do I use it?

Is the Mamba electric grinder any good?

The Mamba battery powered herb grinder is a new product on the market, but the manufacturers have clearly poured a lot of thought into the design.  A reliable gear train, quiet motor, and simple one-handed operation make this grinder the simplest I have ever used.

Plus, it just feels good in the hand.  Like, really good.  It’s fun to use.  Out of the dozens of grinders I have tried in the past, this is the only one that is actually fun!  Press the button, and watch the perfect grind get made.  Perfect grind, every time.

The Mamba (available in multiple colours) will attract you with its sleek design, and it isn’t a product you’ll want to hide away in a drawer.  It looks good on my counter, and since I use it so much it doesn’t collect any dust. 

The teeth pattern on the Mamba produces a fluffy, consistent grind that is great for any herb.  It doesn’t clog, it breaks up clumps, and the clear cone allows for mess-free transfer of your grind into any container.

When I took my Mamba apart for cleaning, I was surprised at the quality of the construction.  Given the aluminum design and simplicity in disassembly, it is easy to clean between grinds and doesn’t leave any taste in my grinds besides the herbs themselves.

Where do I use the Mamba grinder?


The first time I ever ground up a dried plant was for making my own potpourri, and I used a mortar and pestle I borrowed from a friend.  I really thought this was the way to go until I realised, after making multiple batches, how long this was going to take.

Not so good.  Enter the electric coffee grinder.  Fast at grinding the plants, but destroyed them in the process.  I’ve since tried the Mamba for this task, and to no surprise, it gets the consistency right in a fraction of the time.


Another place the Mamba has earned a place in my home is in the spice rack.  I’m a fan of buying dried herbs in large form.  When you buy whole leaves and plants, the flavor stays locked in longer, so for best cooking you’ll always want to grind when you are ready for the herb.

Now, when you have pots on the stove, you don’t want to waste time with any type of hand grinder.  They just don’t work in the kitchen.  And believe me, grinding your herbs beats buying already-ground products: it takes your cooking to the next level.


I’m a big fan of tea, and consider myself a bit of a tea-snob.  Specialty tea stores are great places to get lots of good variety and you can buy whole tea, such as chamomile flowers and buds.

Before I discovered grinding, I had to buy ready-to-go tea, but this isn’t the best for flavour.  Hand grinders and coffee grinders were what I started with, but they have a lot of disadvantages: hand grinders are slow and can strain the arms, and the coffee grinder just isn’t up for the task of grinding fragile herbs (after all,they’re made for hard, dry beans).

Now, when I want a cup of tea, I take down a canister of my favourite herbs and use the Mamba electric grinder to make the perfect cup, exactly when I want it and with the exact consistency needed for the perfect brew.

My recommendation: Try the Mamba electric grinder!

I’m done with manual hand grinders, and I can’t imagine using my coffee grinder for anything other than coffee anymore.  I can’t believe how many chamomile flowers I’ve massacred with that thing before I found the Mamba…

Not to sound lazy, but electric really is the way to go.  The speed is great, but the consistency is where it really takes your grinds to the next level.  There isn’t a herb that won’t be ground best by the Mamba.

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