Stopping Your Dog From Jumping On You

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Being a dog pawrent is truly an amazing experience, however, if you feel like you need a rufferee to help stop your dog from jumping on you, then keep on reading. The main reason why dogs jump on you is because they want to touch their nose to your nose, as a way of greeting. This is how dogs greet other dogs and they simply want to do the same with us. Also, many people often encourage this type of jumping when their dogs are just puppies, since it is adorable. However, once the pup grows up, this becomes quite annoying and even dangerous. It can easily lead to being scratched, bruised and you may even fall if you have a large dog which can result in many other injuries. This is particularly dangerous for children and the elderly. So, with that said, we will now look at a few ways in which you can stop your dog from jumping on you or others.

Ignore Jumping Dogs

You can get your dog to stop jumping by making him realise that it is undesirable behaviour. Basically, once your dog starts to jump on you, you should cease giving him any attention and fold your arms until he stops jumping and calms down. It is imperative that everyone in the household does this as well as guests. You should only start to give attention once all of the dog’s feet are on the ground and they are calm. You can even use treats or the best wet dog food to positively reward calm no-jumping behaviour and your dog will learn not to jump after some time.

Don’t Greet Your Dog¬†

Next, if every time you come home, your dog acts like its the fur-st time he has seen you in months, it is important that you delay greeting until he has calmed down. Only when your dog has stopped jumping, then you can greet him. When it comes to guests, you should put your dog on a leash before answering the door. Once he starts to jump on the guests, you can use the leash to lead him away or even put him in an x-pen until he has calmed down. Then, you can lead him back to your guests so that he can greet them.


Many dogs will stop jumping once they are sufficiently distracted. So, for example, you can throw a toy for your dog to retrieve and this may actually help stop him from jumping on you or your guests. Additionally, you can throw various treats on the floor and this can help him to become preoccupied with finding and eating the treats and prevent jumping.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, we have just looked at a couple of tips that will help stop your dog from jumping on you, your family and guests. It is important that you consistently implement the tips above since this will help your dog to understand that jumping is unwanted and significantly reduce this behaviour. Of course, if these tips don’t work, then it is best that you hire a dog trainer who will help you to correct this issue.