Some distinct types of poker players you would come across at the table

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We, humans, are the ultimate creation of God, we may look alike, but our perceptions and conclusions about various subjects may drastically vary from each other. Thus, there are certain characteristics of humans which make them distinct to others and can be easily judged by other people as well. Similar things prevail in the game of poker, as well. You would find amazing characteristics that would be reflected in the gameplay of the person. Aggressive gameplay, loose gameplay, strategic gameplay, defensive gameplay, and intimidating gameplay.

These are some of the styles of play which different people carry in their exclusive styles, leaving them vulnerable in some situations and also favoring them in some. You would find such players on Joker123. Thus, different players have their own merits and demerits, which may vary according to the given situation. It is easy to create chinks in the armor, but it can be a daunting task as well if the situation suits their gaming styles. Thus, the following are some types of poker players you would come across the table:

Newbie or Noobs– These two types of players have very little to distinguish from. But Newbie certainly has a higher IQ than the Noobs. A newbie is the aficionado of this spectacular game of poker, which is fascinated by poker’s brilliance but doesn’t know the basic nuances of the game. Such inexperienced gameplay can be easily observed on the table. But a Noobs is the worst exponent of this game and almost no knowledge of the game, cost him big time. Noobs would always make reckless decisions in the process of the game. You may witness numerous players of this kind on Joker123.

Calling Station– As the term suggests, this type of player is always willing to make calls, no matter what the situation of the game demands. Even with a strong hand with powerful face cards, they are always reluctant to raise the bets. But if such players are privileged with an amazing set of cards, then they can certainly change the complexion of the game within moments. No matter how much they are in loss, they would still prefer calling constantly.

Nit– Such type of players, are extremely cautious and doesn’t believe in carrying the proceedings of the game on their shoulders. They precisely wait for some amazing hands possessing only face cards or Ace. They play a restrictive and defensive style, which gets rewarded in the extremely intense gameplays. They generally blind the gameplay, when the hand is mediocre and doesn’t get involved in raising or calling for the rest of the session. These types of players rarely rise without quality cards.

Sharks– These are the most complete players on the poker table and certainly not the ones you would want to come across. Crafted Genius, impeccable strategies, stunning bluffs, and extremely bold gameplay, these are the powerful traits of “sharks,” which would come out of any concerned situation with their powerful wits. Even when holding a powerful hand of face cards, they would not blink an eye to make sure that the opponents don’t have any clue about the game. These are the elite professionals and can manipulate the proceedings with even average cards.

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