Play WIth Your Taste Buds Every Moment of the hokaido tours

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Hokkaido is the northernmost island of Japan. It has emerged as a trendy tourist spot for many years. There is the availability of open space, scope to see the variety of flora and fauna, and the opportunity to try skiing in the winter. The local products are also a part of the attraction for foreign travelers. But probably above all, the seafood and fish reign the tourism world. You will not only get the saltwater as well as freshwater catches like the salmon but will also get the unusual fishes. These include shrimp, scallops, various shellfishes, and even sea urchins. The cold water of the place is the best for getting these fishes. 

Gorge on the mouth-watering dishes

Truly, Japanese food, and especially the ones that you will get in Hokkaido, will always leave you wanting for more. You can eat the fishes raw or cooked. Most of the restaurants will serve the raw or cooked form. If you are a lover of the seafood, then the kaiseki-donburi is a must on your menu. It is a bowl of rice which has the topping of different sea fishes like the salmon roe, sea urchins, shrimp, crab, and scallops. The hokaido tours are never complete without adding these on your menu. 

Try different products

Have you ever tasted anything as delicious as the Hokkaido crabs? Probably not. The king crabs are simply excellent. Agriculture is booming due to the presence of open spaces. That is why the Hokkaido potatoes, melons, and corn have gained popularity everywhere. The dairy products of the place are equally healthy. Starting from yogurt to cheese, and ice-cream to chocolates, you will be tired of trying all of them. The Strawberry choco white is the ultimate souvenir. It is a strawberry that has a coating of white chocolate, making it taste heavenly.

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