If Health Is Your Wealth, How Much Do You Have In Your Bank Account?

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Do you consider yourself to be healthy? How do you truly define health anyway? I think everyone defines health differently. For some it’s to stop skipping breakfast and cutting back from a bottle of wine a night, to simply having a bottle on the weekend. This is healthy step in the right direction, but does that mean you are now healthy? Others do not consider themselves healthy unless they only drink green tea with water blessed from the Himalayan Mountains.

What about exercise? Simply getting off your office chair and walking around the room once an hour can be a vast improvement for health, others feel that if they are not out there training six to seven days a week they are simply dropping their game. I guess it all comes down to our beliefs around health and how we interpret healthy.

The fear of change

Last week I was invited to talk about health and the history of 180 Nutrition. The guys held a movie night where everyone got together and watched the movie Hungry for Change (well worth seeing). For many people, this was quite an eye opener as to what is going on within the food industry, and the very foods they are eating are being detrimental to their health. It can be overwhelming.

I was constantly asked the question, how much do I need to change? How long will it take? I thought I was eating healthy?

My answer was, consider your health (wealth) like a bank account.


Think of your health like a bank account. If you work hard at it and put a small but daily deposit into your health (bank) account, you will reap the rewards over the long term. Not exactly glamorous I know, but effective. If you have failed to do this you have more than likely been slowly gathering debt. And the more you have been spending the worse the debt.

If you had a $100,000 in your account and you decided to indulge and spend some, do you think it’s going to affect you long term? You’d probably have a lot of fun and make it up over the next few weeks.

Now imagine if you were a $100,000 in debt. If you decided to do the same indulgence, do you think you would enjoy it? You would more than likely feel guilty and hate yourself for doing it.

So the question is, if you your health is like a bank account, are you in the black (positive) or are you in the red (negative), and if so, by how much?

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