How Print Media Can Survive In The Digital Age

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It’s beyond contestation how the Internet has taken over our daily lives. Need to know about the latest news in politics, science, fashion or music, or research about a certain topic? With just some clicks and scroll-downs, we can have access to thousands of answers.

With the benefits the digital age has helped ushered in, people who work for firms like magazine printing companies have all the reasons to be worried — is the print media industry dying? Or is it already dead?

By the Numbers

Back in 2007, magazine printing in the United States has reached a whopping revenue of $49.3 billion. In over a decade, it decreased by 43 percent as it only yielded a revenue of $28.3 billion in 2015. Revenue comes from print sales and from advertisements.

Despite this decline, many consumers and advertisers still perceive print media as more credible and trustworthy. A survey found out that 82 percent of the respondents that they trust print ads they saw on magazines and newspapers, while only 25 percent said they trust online pop-up ads.

Magazine printing companies like CPC Printing have also enjoyed high readership from the younger populace (which are also the majority of people who browse through the interwebs). A study found out that 95 percent of people under age 25 still read magazines.

These strong statistics are coupled by the fact that print is considered to be more engaging compared with their digital counterpart. Scientific findings state that information on print media are easier to process, more stimulating and more memorable.

Surviving — and Embracing — the Digital Age

Print and digital have their own perks. And these two shouldn’t be perceived as a competition of the other. Like what people say, two is better than one.

In today’s digital age, here are some ways how print media players (like magazine printing companies) can survive — and embrace — the virtual world.

Offer digital subscriptions

While maintaining the printed versions of your reads, it will be helpful to also translate them into digital copies and sell them via online subscriptions.

Tap the power of mobile apps

Big players have also tapped into the power of mobile to help capture online users. Mobile applications gather all your digital content into one place and make them more appealing for mobile use.

Invest in boosting online presence

Print media firms can use the digital world to

Promote their offerings — from the printed copies itself to the digital exclusives they’ve made. This is why it’s important why they should prioritize enhancing the look and content for their website and social media accounts.

Create engaging digital videos

The recent years have witnessed the rise of video marketing. And who says print media companies can’t join this online bandwagon? By creating appealing video content, these firms don’t only help promote their products, they make another means in which they can earn! Advertisers have been placing their ads on high engagement-racking videos.

Make print media more exciting

Printing is actually an evolving technology. Firms like CPC printing can attest how many publications are using technology to integrate interactive and augmented reality elements to

Print — making their final output more stimulating and exciting.

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