How Much Does A Vet Technician Make?

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The most common reason why people look up the best veterinary technician schools Los Angeles is because they love animals and want to help care for the sick and injured animals in their area. If volunteer work can exclude vet techs from paying rent, bills, and other expenses no one will think twice about how much they can earn as a general technician, but as well all know this isn’t the case.

People who want to have a career as a vet technician know that there are different opportunities ahead, which gives them hope for the future. Knowing how much you can potentially earn will help future vet technicians choose the right career path. Here are some facts about your earning potential as a vet tech:

Vet Tech’s Responsibilities

The main job of a vet technician is to provide medical care for animals with the help and supervision of a licensed veterinarian. Graduates from veterinary technician schools Los Angeles can perform a long list of functions at an animal clinic. Everything from carrying the different lab tests to assisting in surgeries can be included as part of the job description.

What Are The Qualifications Needed?

Vet techs usually just require at least two years of college courses. A license is not necessary, but getting a vet tech license does help. There are some vet techs who also want to take up specializations to enhance their skill level which will help attain better-paying jobs in the future. It will take additional classes to become a certified vet technician for a specialized field such as surgery, therapy, or dentistry, but the additional training can also increase the salary.

How Much Is The Hourly Wage?

As of February 2019, the median hourly pay for a veterinary technician in Los Angeles is $16.73. The lowest rate is pegged at $11.84 while the highest is at $23.70. A good chunk of vet tech practitioners enjoys the rate between media and top pay. Of course, the pay will vary depending on your skill level and experience.

At the end of the year, a vet technician’s total pay will be around $23,500 to around $58,000.

Best-Paying Options

There is no surprise that as a vet tech, your best option for a better paying position is to work for a state or federal agency. By working for the government, you are more likely to earn at least 10% more than vet techs working for private animal clinics. If it is possible to apply for a state or federal position in your area, do so. This will maximize your salary while also practicing your skills with the help of trained professionals.

Job Security And Future Opportunities

Although the salary of a vet tech is considered as modest by most people, the position also provides job security. It is predicted that by the year 2020 the demand for vet technicians will increase by at least 30% meaning there is equal opportunity for those enrolled in vet tech schools today.

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