Cybersecurity beyond the basics: Three steps to follow!

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Cyber threats are real and concern every business in the world. No company can claim to be entire immune to these threats, especially at a time when some of the biggest brands have been attacked by cybercriminals. When it comes to cybersecurity, you will hear the word ‘proactive’ a lot. Being proactive is about measures that can thaw a hacking attempt or cyberattack. While some basic guidelines remain the same for most businesses, certain measures a step up. In this post, we are viewing all you must know about important steps beyond the basics. 

Hire ethical hackers

Wondering how to hack your company’s recorder? Or if a hacker can actually do something similar? You need to test your cybersecurity strength. Ethical hackers are given permission to try hacking into systems and devices, so as to expose vulnerabilities. Many big companies, including Facebook, Google, and Apple, have bug bounty programs, and if an ethical hacker manages to find a flaw or bug, they are paid for it. Small businesses are now turning to the security community, because it always aids in being proactive. You can either choose to run a bug bounty program, or can hire a company that will engage ethical hackers on your behalf. 

Collaborate on cybersecurity

You cannot expect to counter cyber threats without involving the entire organization. Business owners and managers often fail to recognize that employees are their frontline defense. Unless they know things like, what threats the organization is facing, or how to deal with things like social engineering and phishing emails, not much can be achieved. Make sure that there is a unidirectional and collaborative approach towards cybersecurity. Get everyone involved and make them responsible for their actions. 

Don’t miss on access rights

IP cameras, computers, network servers, and other systems are often accessed by many people within the business for getting varied kinds of work done. However, hacking attempts and data leaks often happen because there is no transparency on access rights. As a company, you have to take the step to manage access rights. At a given point of time, managers should know about enlisted resources and who has access to these resources. If required, consider using an Identity & Access management tool, so that you can have a clear dashboard on management of access rights. 

Finally, keep learning from the market and update your cybersecurity steps, from time to time, as new threats emerge. 

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