Brief Guide To Renting Parking Spaces

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Here is a guide to renting parking spaces with the best recommendations that we hope will help you rent yours without problems.

The fundamental thing is to find a good tenant, who pays us on time without problems, that lasts a long time and that we do not even remember him because we never have to call us to solve any unforeseen event.

To do this, the main thing is to get the price right, to have a quiet relationship regulated by a simple lease contract, and obviously that the characteristics of our parking space meet minimum measures, maneuverability, etc.

As the latter is out of our hands and there is nothing we can do to change it, we will determine the price and the rental agreement.

We Decide The Price

The first point in our guide to renting parking spaces will be determining the price of the parking space. This is the most critical decision we will have to succeed, not to go wrong.

The price must be consistent and represent an opportunity compared to the rest of the advertised places. That way, we will not be exposed to a constant flight of tenants. That always ends up being more annoying and expensive.

What Factors Influence The Rental Price Of Our Garage Space?

First of all, we will study rental prices in the area to know the average price. Then we will compare those places with ours, and we will qualify that average price up or down.

For example, suppose the prices they are asking are around 100 dollars. In that case, our place cannot cost more than 100 dollars per month unless it has better characteristics: being on the first floor, being very wide and therefore allowing the doors to be opened comfortably, being in a modern garage, having surveillance, having speed bump etc.

On the contrary, if our place is in an old and poorly lit garage, with uncomfortable ramps or the square is narrow, we will have to settle for less than 100 dollars and compete for the price since we will not be able to do it for quality.

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