2007 Technology Innovation; Teacher Mike with Vocal Cord Amplifier Box

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Many teachers and professors these days use amplifiers to talk to the class. These systems are becoming more and more popular for the instructors. Currently there are several systems, most have a small mike and that goes down to an amplifier box that is worn on the belt or electronically transferred wirelessly to a sound system in the room.

Why are these systems becoming so popular? Well there are many reasons actually such as:

1.) Saving the Teachers Voice;

2.) Ability Talk Over the Disruptive Noise;

3.) The Classrooms are Very Large;

4.) The Higher Volume Helps Keep Students Attention.

Of course as the future progresses these technologies also advance and all these voice systems are about to really take a technology boost. In the near future there will be a paradigm shift in voice systems of this type due to advances in Military Applications. It is time to look ahead at solutions and advance our position in the war on terror.

Currently, systems are being tested which allow someone to communicate without talking, only thinking the words, which will vibrate the vocal cords slightly. In other high-tech advanced systems the person only needs to whisper under their breath. These systems are perfect for SWAT Teams, Special Forces or Flushing out insurgents in Iraq.

Generally when advanced technologies like this are perfected within a few years these technologies are transferred into the private sector. Thus we can expect these systems to make it into our classrooms to help with the issues of expanded classroom size and density. Perhaps this article might help you propel thought in 2007.

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