11 Summer Wedding Planning Tips You Need On Your Checklist

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Summer weddings are always a memorable one. It’s bright. It’s dreamy. It’s a great season to celebrate a love that’s vibrant and ever glowing. However, pulling off a wedding during this time of the year comes with several challenges — like what many northern Virginia catering companies have constantly witnessed. One trick you can do is to create a comprehensive checklist that will serve as your guide throughout the process.

In this article, we’re rounding up 11 summer wedding planning tips you need to include in your checklist.

Set a realistic budget. Organizing a wedding will require you to shell out a significant amount of money. You have to be honest about your financial capacity so you can set a realistic budget. Make sure you prioritize your needs over your wants.

Be careful in finalizing your guest list. Most couples tend to get overwhelmed by the emotions they have before their much-awaited wedding. This is evident in the guest list that includes too many people. Especially in a season where wedding costs shoot up, it’s vital to be selective when it comes to inviting people.

Secure your venue in advance. There’s a lot of competition during the summer season. To tick an important item off your checklist, you have to prioritize booking your wedding venue.

Choose a fresh color palette. Summer weddings can really bring out the creative in you. When picking your ceremony’s color palette, be sure to opt for fresh ones to best complement the vibe of the season.

Opt for airy fabrics. One of the challenges of holding a wedding during summer is beating the heat. An essential tip? Choose wedding attires made of airy fabrics — from the wedding gown and suit to the numbers to be worn by your entourage.

Pick flowers that are summer-appropriate. Some flowers are not good at holding up the heat. When exposed to such a weather condition, they wither prematurely. Choose wisely and pick flowers that can stay fresh throughout your wedding and reception.

Make sure you pick the right menu. Speaking of reception, food does play a huge role in bringing comfort to your guests during a summer wedding. If you’d ask northern Virginia catering companies for recommendations, they’d advise to choose meals with ingredients that are in season.

Offer refreshing beverages. To complete a refreshing summer wedding experience for your guests, you shouldn’t forget about providing enough supply of beverages to keep them cool — from water to season-themed cocktails and wines.

Choose favors that will help make your guests comfortable. If you’re tying the knot in the summer, you can keep your wedding favors in line with the theme of the season. Awesome favor ideas include portable battery-powered fans and personalized hankies among others.

Invest in shaded decors. You can offer more coolness to your guests by doubling your decors as shade providers. You also have to strategically place these shaded decors to maximize their use.

Don’t forget about getting a documentation team. No wedding is complete without an ace documentation team. Like how important it is to have a northern Virginia catering, you should hire a supplier that can capture the best moments of your dream summer wedding.

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