11 Hacks To Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

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Summertime is probably one of the best times all year round if you’re someone who enjoys the warmer weather. However, it can truly be a headache if you don’t know how to keep your car cool during this time. Don’t lose your cool because you suddenly have to look for aftermarket Mercedes parts to replace overheated ones.

Keeping your car cool this summer is going to be made easier with the 11 hacks below. Make sure that you take note of them to avoid the feeling of being roasted while you’re in your car.

  1. Park under the shade

The simplest yet most effective way to keep your car cool is to park it under a tree or anywhere with shade. This way, you won’t have to worry about the extra steps in keeping it cool.

  1. Take note of the direction of the shadow

After you park your car, you should also take note where the shadow is going to be as the day goes on. You can easily use the compass app on your phone to do this.

  1. Roll down the windows

Keeping the flow of fresh air even for a little will maximize the coolness that you feel and breathe inside of your car.

  1. Keep a towel and water in your car

With a wet towel, you can easily cool down any hot surfaces inside your car such as the steering wheel and gear shift. Simply place the damp towel over these for a few minutes.

  1. Invest in cooling cushions

Even the cheapest cooling cushions can provide comfort for your back during the hot summer days. Having one will greatly reduce the fatigue as you drive to the beach.

  1. Use a fabric dash cover

Touching hot vinyl surface can contribute to the heat that you feel as you drive. With a fabric dash cover, you can also protect the vinyl to avoid cracking and fading.

  1. Leave the doors open for awhile

Just like with #3, the idea here is to let your car “breathe”. Letting fresh air circulate will definitely get rid of the warmer air inside.

  1. Invest in sun shades

By reflecting the light out of your windows before your aftermarket Mercedes parts even get a chance to absorb it can decrease the light-to-heat conversion.

  1. Get started on a garage

If you have some open space on your property, building a garage is one of the most fun things that you can do. You’ll have a dedicated parking space while also serving as a manual work area of sorts.

  1. Put curtains for your car windows

If it works for your home, it’s going to work for your car. A curtain is the best way to reduce the heat coming from directly from the sunlight.

  1. Use a solar-powered cool ventilation fan

Ventilation fans can comfortably decrease the temperature level inside your car without much juice needed from the car itself. If you’re going to drive under the sun, you might as well take advantage of the energy it brings.

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